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Jen & Matt

To our dear family and friends: We’ve been looking forward to celebrating our wedding with you in May, but as the pandemic has changed many facets of our lives, we’ve completely flipped our plans to make the best memories we can while keeping everyone’s health and safety as a high priority.

We are excited to be hosting a drive-in wedding ceremony with limited in-car attendance! We invite all of you to join in, interact, and celebrate with us virtually in our livestream video.


Drive-In Ceremony

The Tapestry Church
12:20 pm – 1:10 pm
*ceremony timing may be delayed.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. This is such a challenging time overall, how is wedding planning going for you two?

We’ve previously had a 13-month countdown filled with planning ideas, and since COVID, it’s been quite the journey! We are happy to have good health and feel privileged to have a strong circle of friends and family support 🙂

#2. How many people can attend the in-person portion of the wedding?

Weddings are limited to 10 people only (according to BC’s Provincial Health Restrictions). A drive-in wedding is currently the best way for us to safely see as many people! We have also arranged a livestream for our extended families and friends to be a part of the ceremony.


#3. A drive-in wedding? That’s interesting! How will it work?

Yes! But there are still limits on the number of cars as well as strict restrictions on out-of-car interactions (see Section K on page 20). Our limited number of invites have already been hand-delivered. More details for the drive-in invitees can be found when you RSVP on our website. Fortunately, others can still ‘hop in’ online to watch our ceremony through the LiveStream link.

#4. Can we still take photos with you?!?


Yes please! We’ll make sure there are moments during the ceremony where we’ll stick our faces in the livestream for you to take a selfie with. We’d love to see a photo of all of us “together” in front of our arch 🙂 Please send them over on our kudoboard.

Jen & Matt
Our Story
Sidelined Acquaintances

Jen and Matt first met in August 2014 sitting on the sidelines at volleyball, both unable to play due to swollen ankles. Neither of them remember who started it, but their first conversation essentially went like this:


“Ew, what happened to your foot?”
“Stepped on a bee – allergic reaction. But man, what happened to YOU?”
“Collision at the net and sprained my ankle”
“Ugh, it’s blue and purple. Sucks to be you.”
“Sucks to be you too, your foot’s a balloon.”

Hello Again

It wasn’t till December that they met again at Harry Jerome. Unbeknownst to Jen, Matt had planned with mutual friends to be at a volleyball drop-in that evening with the intention of re-connecting with her. In between games, Matt took a seat next to Jen and said:


“Hey, aren’t you that girl with the swollen foot?” (as if he didn’t know it already…)


“Yeah! Matt, right?”


The two continued to sit beside each other in between each game and conversation flowed – topics included Taylor Swift’s 1989 album, Jen’s struggles with technology, and Matt’s long flowy hair.


Jen thought Matt was energetic, funny and unapologetically himself.


Matt thought Jen was intelligent, beautiful, and tall and athletic enough to be his future wife.


The next day, Matt sent Jen a Facebook message with a download link to a SoundCloud playlist as an ‘in’ to continue their conversation, and the two slowly became friends.

Shoe-rly You’ll Say Yes

A couple months of non-stop texting later, Matt decided it was time for something to happen. He told Jen there was a surprise location that she absolutely had to visit and that it was only going to take 1-2 hours of her time. Jen was curious and went along with it. After all, who doesn’t like surprises? …And it certainly was one, because where he brought her was SportChek to try on stylish new court shoes. What a coincidence (not) – their mutual friend Alex had just told Jen that her smelly 5-year old Mizuno shoes simply had to go. Jen thought Matt had great timing and was impressed at how thoughtful he was. Matt was just lucky that Jen thought this was all his idea. They connected through the shared pain of swollen feet, but it was ultimately the search for flashy new volleyball shoes which ‘tied’ their relationship together.

The rest is history!!!

Jen & Matt
Our Adventures

Jen and Matt always like to joke that they need a vacation from their vacation. The two of them love fast-paced travelling; often jamming in as many activities and experiences as possible and basically just having the best time ever. Here’s a few videos that Matt has put together of adventures together over the years!

Hawaii 2016 

Peru 2017

Maui 2018

Jen & Matt
The Proposal

Matt proposed in July 2019 at a place where he took Jen on one of their first dates. It was a top-secret operation that basically everyone (except for Jen) was in on. From scheduling fake bridesmaids duties to almost being towed/fined/stranded, how many friends and strangers had specific roles to play? Watch how the big day shone through despite bylaw barriers and a hangry girlfriend!

Jen’s POV:

That day, Matt and I found some time in-between errands to go on a short date at Whytecliff Park, but I was hangry and anxious about being late to a dress appointment with my friend, Anna. I wanted to postpone our date given the time crunch and lack of parking spots, and couldn’t understand why Matt still insisted ongoing and risk getting towed.


I told myself that the faster I agreed, the faster we would get outta there. I went along thinking that Matt just really wanted to film another vlog, and thinking that this footage would never end up being shown anywhere. Little did I know… 😅


Getting proposed to was the last thing I expected, since Matt’s been telling me that he wanted me to “pre-propose” to him first (IYKYK). Good thing this was on film I guess, because when he got down on one knee I was so shocked that I couldn’t remember what he said!


An hour or so later, I was surprised a SECOND time by family and friends who showed up to celebrate a special day with us 🥰

Matt’s POV:

Lesson #1: Never assume parking availabilities are the same on an overcast weekday morning vs. an extremely sunny weekend afternoon 😐


Lesson #2: Ensure your partner is well-fed at all times so you don’t feel like you’re their public enemy #1.


Shoutout to all the role players/friends at the end of the video. Shoutout to all our circle who put up with me and my crazy plans. Shoutout to Jennifer Tong for putting up with me, even when she’s feeling her worst 🙂

Jen & Matt
Wedding Party
Maid of Honour
Corinne Dy

Corinne and Jen’s friendship began way back in 1996/97 on the first day of kindergarten. Corinne asked Jen where the bathroom was, and Jen pointed her to the direction of the classroom cubbies. A few hours later, the two of them were running circles around the school field and somehow both ended up with cuts on their knees. Fast forward 24 years, and Jen and Corinne are as directionally challenged as ever but remain the bestest of friends.


Over the years, Jen and Corinne have spent countless hours playing with Milo and Mika, treating themselves to retail therapy + sweets, practicing their makeup/hair skills, laughing at silly videos, and attempting to bake. They’re the kind of friends that can do anything and nothing together and still have the best time.


Corinne is a crazy talented artist who is kindhearted, thoughtful, secretly sassy, and always there when Jen needs a shoulder to lean on. Jen would not be the person she is today without Corinne, and feels lucky to have her as her best friend (practically sister!) and maid of honour 😊

(Virtual) Best Man
Christian Ng

As Matt’s older brother, Christian has often been the family’s ‘trial child’ for the many first activities. Matt’s involvement in sports and volunteerism is largely credited to watching Christian go through it all first. He wanted to follow Christian’s trail so much that it became a competition for him.

Matt’s competitive nature in getting Christian’s approval was so apparent, that for Christian’s 5th birthday party, mom and dad had to re-light the candles 3 times after it was blown out by some little bugger brother! How far would Matt follow his brother’s advice? As children, they were at T&T and Matt was advised put his hand to ‘feel’ how spikey the durian was, which followed with Christian slapping his hand on top of Matt’s…

Today, the two brothers have carved out different career paths and passions but are told that they still have similar mannerisms. Christian is best described as patient, creative, entrepreneurial, with a knack for attracting good circles of people. Matt, for the most part, still follows the advice of his brother 🙂

*Due to situational constraints, Christian will attend through video chat and livestream *

Joanne Tong

Joanne is Jen’s younger sister, but in some ways, she’s also the “big” sister (and not only because she works out and has muscles). As kids, Jen and Joanne shared a room with their beds pushed together. On more occasions than she’d like to admit, Jen remembers waking up from nightmares and making Joanne hold her hand so that she can fall asleep again.


Growing up, the two of them played Barbies together, wrestled in the mud and collected insects together, and fought each other for “computer time” (s/o to dial-up internet).


Jen admires Joanne for her straightforward, no-nonsense attitude and her blunt, no-filter delivery. Joanne’s not the kind of person you want to mess with, and Jen’s glad she’s got her on her side 😉

Adriel Tam

Matt met Adriel in the Air Cadets program. The two spent countless weekends of their teen years tucked away inside Netaholics (before they were called eSports Cafes), and at Q1. Whether they were ‘ganking’ on enemies in Dota 1 or banking shots at pool, Matt was the energetic busy-brained doer, while Adriel was the calculated, research-oriented, on-trend friend that balanced their relationship dynamic.


They went through the ‘honger’ phase together, though short-lived forMatt who couldn’t read nor speak it well. They also went through the ‘power lifting’ phase together, also short-lived for Matt because #ConsistencyIssues. Adriel pretty much is a role model for what determination looks like.


As years went on, their relationship also grew to migrate over from gaming to the more productive things in life such as Fitness and Fantasy Basketball (yes, they’re very serious about this).

Anna Yee

Jen remembers briefly meeting Anna back in Grade 7 at a track + field event and thinking to herself, “Nice, there’s gonna be cool people at highschool next year!” Sure enough, they reconnected a year later in French 8 and quickly struck up a friendship by playing on the same volleyball and basketball teams.


Jen’s favourite memories of Anna include the 1 or 5 times they were conquered by the T-Bar at Big White, making failed burger-sized macarons, and having a grand time together on the catamaran while their partners were hanging off the railing puking into the Carribean Sea.


Anna’s a friend that Jen can always count on to tell it like it is. She’s smart, driven, multi-talented and has come a long way from those macaron-burger days (more Japanese cheesecake + coffee ice cream please 😍)!

Bryant Wu

Matt also knew Bryant from Air Cadets. At their band practices, two things were certain: 1. Bryant played the trumpet way better than Matt; 2. During band-recess time, Bryant cooked almost everyone at pickup basketball.


Quiet guy Bryant had a signature email at the time which was Those who really got to know him would say he’s extremely thoughtful and actually one of the funniest guys around – nothing meaty_nor_absurdly_viscous about that!


The two hung out more after they graduated from the program. They found their personalities complimented each other, especially when it came to weight lifting and playing basketball; they (along with Adriel) even travelled to experience Japan together! Since helping train Matt in basketball, Bry Bry can now only claim that he’s a better trumpet player 😉


Jen & Matt

Please RSVP with the name addressed on your invite. We’re very excited to have you be part of our celebrations!Thank you for your love, and we can’t wait to share the day with you!

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